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Management of the RFID system

Software: SimTraxx™ multi-lingual software is user friendly and is in operation in over 30 countries. SimTraxx™ an easy-to-use web-based platform with dashboards designed to simplify staff interface.

Training: SimTraxx™ will personalize a program to simplify the training process for your staff.

Ongoing Support: SimTraxx™ technicians are available to assist you 24/7 at (257)824-4021 or

Interfacing RFID technology into your processing equipment to identify and remove non-tagged or failed-tagged items out of the system

SimTraxx™ can provide a tailored solution to interface with existing equipment to achieve removal of non-readable items. An example of an solution is on the following slide.

solution 3

Our linen is pre-programmed before arriving at your facility

SimTraxx™ linen is programmed at the manufacturer, ready for immediate use in the RFID system.

Our tests have shown our tags exceptional longevity and a much broader read range than that of our competitors

Our SimTraxx™ USTAGS are the highest quality in the market today which results in reliable tracking.