Transform Your Textile Laundry Operations with SimTraxx: Unleash the Power of RFID

SimTraxx has unique advantages that sets us apart. Our expertise encompass textile manufacturing, sales, processing equipment, maintenance, facility design and operational consulting. This breadth of knowledge provides comprehensive solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.

Lost Linen Management
Employee Productivity
Proactive Machine Maintenance
Cost Analysis
Scrub Dispensing
Linen Dispensing
Inventory Control

Challenges with Traditional RFID Systems

Most existing RFID systems require entering each item into a proprietary database, relying on partnerships between independent hardware, software, and chip manufacturers. This fragmented approach leads to complex and expensive implementations.
In contrast, SimTraxx offers an integrated end-to-end RFID solution that combines hardware, software, and chips into a unified platform. By consolidating all components into a single integrated system, we can provide superior functionality at a significantly lower cost compared to existing solutions available on the market today.

Our Applications

BasicTraxx monitors
Basictraxx logo

BasicTraxx monitors shipping, receiving and inventory for a textiles and garments processing facility. This system can be used to introduce the facility to the world of RFID tracking. Track one item or several.

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SortTraxx™ allows control of your production requirements by setting the sequencing and tracking of the items needed to be processed.

Truetraxx image
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TrueTraxx™ verifies readable RFID items and rejects weak reading or non-RFID equipped items.

Totaltraxx Logo

TotalTraxx™ builds upon BasicTraxx™, offering you the ability to combine additional tracking modules.

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ScrubTraxx™ is ideal for hospitals, clinics, or any facility that provides scrubs to its employees.  We offer only the highest quality scrubs, already programmed with RFID tags.

UniTraxx logo

UniTraxx™ is an automated uniform dispensing/tracking system that will allow operators to assign uniforms to all staff members. 

LineTraxx logo

The LinenTraxx™ dispensing systems are remote distribution units designed for hospitals, hotels, cruise ships, resorts, and spas – anywhere linen is distributed.

TowelTraxx logo

The TowelTraxx™ is an automated dispensing system that can be used in pool areas, spas, resorts, ships, gyms, and any place where towels are dispensed.

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SupplyTraxx™ provides seamless asset tracking and inventory management for your supply room.

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RFID application


Our applications are designed to allow you to grow into RFID. Start small then expand to our integrated systems at your own pace and budget.


We offer a large range of RFID products to custom fit to your requirements.
simtraxx towel


We have a wide variety of tags for not only for textiles but asset management, supply tracking, Maintenance inventory, any application needed.


The SimTraxx RFID line is preprogrammed and delivered ready to use. We also offer unchipped linen, both at very competitive pricing