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SortTraxx™ allows you to control your production requirements by setting sequencing of the items needed to be processed to ensure a smooth, efficient flow of the required articles to complete your daily required production.

By sorting with RFID, you are assured the same balanced load every time. This balance will prevent you from underloading or overloading your system which causes misuse of chemicals, over-drying, under-drying, rewash and damage to your textiles.

bulk scanning passportal

Bulk Scanning Passportal

Passportal designed for placement at laundry drop-off/pick-up at the customer premise.

Packman 60

Pack ports in the form of packman 60RP to be placed at finishing/packaging stations.

Dispatch & Shipping

Upass running ship port module designed to be at dispatch area.


Ustop running USTEK RFTT Sofware is placed at a